Study for Kneeling Woman Combing Her Hair, (1906) by Pablo Picasso

Approx. 8 1/2" X 14 1/16",

black/white/gray oil paint on wood panel.

Quietly stolen April 11, 1973 from a promiment museum. Likely sold into another US market and purchased via good faith in 1973 or 1974. Could have sold multiple times or fifty years and/or inherited.

Possible locations: ANYWHERE. Areas of interest St. Louis, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Florida.

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A rare Pablo Picasso oil painting, probably worth millions today, completely vanished from the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1973. Ask most any native St. Louisan living in the city in the 1970s, and they will respond with "What Picasso?"

From Dictators to Dons, the story of the missing Picasso is a journey into the rise of art theft and how it made its way to St. Louis. The lack of publicity surrounding the theft, among other circumstances, may have contributed to its dubious existence.

Chasing the missing painting led the author to tales of love, greed, thefts, lawsuits, and contract killings. Sometimes the painting's history proves more fascinating than the painting itself. This is one of these times.

“Written like a detective novel, C. Joan Baker takes the reader on a rollicking ride through the high-stakes world of art theft. Chasing Picasso is a fast-paced and engrossing hunt for an art world masterpiece.”

—ROBERT K. WITTMAN, New York Times bestselling author of Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures and the international bestseller The Devil’s Diary: Alfred Rosenberg and the Stolen Secrets of the Third Reich